We get it – developing nanomaterials for product integration can be challenging. From optimizing surface chemistry in the lab for performance to ensuring those design attributes are then preserved during the scale-up and manufacturing processes.

Survey and Results

We asked our over 6,000 followers on LinkedIn (comprised of researchers, developers, engineers, and executives) what their biggest challenge is in working with nanomaterials? The options were nanomaterial design, product integration, nanomaterial scale-up, and manufacturing / affordability.

As the results show, Nanomaterial Scale-Up is the biggest challenge for most who voted – with the other three options not too far behind. This speaks to how common it is for teams to experience difficulties when developing nanomaterials for products, if that specialty is not accessible in-house.

If you’re experiencing challenges in developing a nanomaterial for your product or use-case, Cerion can help. Contact us to discuss your needs or explore the useful resources provided below.



Working with nanomaterials can be challenging, especially without the right support – but it doesn’t have to be. We get it. We can help. Below is a list of resources aimed at overcoming these challenges so you can realize the full potential of your product or system through leveraging nanomaterials.

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