Cerion Nanomaterials Director of Quality Control, Dr. Katrin Parsiegla addresses the challenges of materials characterization and the requirements for building and running a successful nanomaterial analytical department.

Presented at 2021 Nanotechnology Show

Overcoming the Challenges of Materials Characterization

To further both innovation and commercialization success, researchers, engineers and product developers will need to deepen their understanding of materials properties from the macro- to the nanoscale. Essential to this is characterization. Accessing good data from materials characterization across every step of product development is a critical competitive advantage. It allows for a more complete understanding of the morphological, structural, magnetic, optical, thermal and mechanical properties of a nanomaterial – all which will greatly impact its performance when incorporated into a product. It also gives product developers the ability to make informed decisions along every phase of development.

So how can businesses access this critical data?

There are options – whether it’s building the capability within your organization or outsourcing to service providers – but ensuring the scientist who is running the analytical equipment and interpreting the data has expertise in these materials and their technical nuances is essential. This expertise allows you to master challenges, like characterizing a material to ensure consistent performance throughout development, best utilizing expensive analytical equipment and understanding how the chemistry and surface chemistry of nanomaterials effects measurements. At Cerion, Dr. Parsiegla oversees our in-house analytical lab, a critical part of our cradle-to-grave nanomaterial development process. Explore the options you have and implement the strategy best suited for your product and business to guarantee materials standards.


  • The key to running a successful materials characterization department
  • Requirements to build for success – financial investment, personnel expertise, high throughput management
  • Essential analytical capabilities and instrumentation
  • Overcoming the technical challenges of characterizing nanomaterials
  • Identifying the analytical service option best suited for your product and business