Nanoscience research and development has been prevalent for more than two decades. This investment by companies has brought both expected and surprising benefits for industry. From the automotive industry, to aerospace, optics, pharmaceuticals, energy and more – nanomaterials are being used to both improve product or system performance as well as help companies truly differentiate their products in the marketplace.

For more than a decade, Cerion Nanomaterials has provided key design, scale-up and manufacturing services to support the increasing demand for nanoparticles for industrial applications. In fact, Cerion’s custom designed nanomaterials are being used by companies around the world in a variety of industries and products.


Cerion can help you can stay focused on product development, while we concentrate on delivering exactly the nanoparticles you need, based on your specifications, to help accelerate your R&D and commercialization process.

A Customer-Focused Approach

For most companies, developing in-house advanced expertise in nanomaterials is expensive and time intensive – that is where Cerion comes in.  Cerion works as an extension of your team, providing you with high quality custom nanomaterial expertise. From material design and product integration, through scale-up and manufacturing – we focus on providing you with the materials you need – so your team can focus on your product development.  At Cerion, we don’t develop end-use applications – only the nanomaterials to make them better.

Cerion provides you with more than a decade of experience working with customers in industry to ensure nanomaterial compatibility into products or systems.

We understand that Intellectual Property (IP) plays an important role in how companies distinguish themselves in the marketplace and create that competitive advantage. When you work with Cerion, we employ a very straightforward approach to ensure your ownership of any new ‘composition of matter’ created from the work we do to support you is yours to claim and file patents against.

Rapid Innovation & Integration

Nanomaterials have been shown to provide unique advantages for products in a variety of industries, when optimized or customized for specific products or applications.  Their ultra-small size and large surface area bring about enhanced reactivity and exceptional properties, even when used at low concentrations.

Companies often try utilizing “off the shelf” nanomaterials to integrate into their product development — unsuccessfully.  That doesn’t mean that nanomaterial won’t work in your application — these types of nanomaterials rarely provide the desired performance or integrate into products without some customization to fit your specific application. A small change in nanomaterial size, composition, functionalization, or surface chemistry can be the difference between obtaining the desired performance attributes and a successful nanomaterial integration or not.

That is where Cerion comes in – our approach allows us to quickly provide you with optimized candidate materials based on your specified product application to enable you to establish proof of concept and more rapidly enable a path towards commercialization.  Our team acts as an extension of your development team, following your lead to ensure fit and scalability for commercialization.

Our novel approach to nanomaterial design and scale-up allows our customers to easily access the expertise to apply the inherent advantages that nanomaterials add to their products.

Cerion scientists and engineers have decades of experience working with an expansive list of nanomaterials, allowing our customers to rely on us no matter how much nanomaterial expertise they have coming into our partnership.

Inorganic nanomaterials have unique and advantageous properties that can be leveraged across a range of product types, including functional coatings, catalysts, additives, conductive inks and antimicrobials. The table below displays the different properties and functionalities that can be achieved or enhanced by incorporating nanomaterials into industrial products or applications

Below are a few examples of inorganic nanomaterial uses in Industry applications:



Iron oxide




Tungsten carbide

Zinc oxide


Abrasion resistant




Electrically conductive

Flame retardant


High refractive index

Moisture absorbent





UV absorbing/ protecting

Water and/or dirt repelling

Built to Scale

From the time we engage with our customers Cerion works to fulfill performance, budget and commercialization timeline goals by working hand-in-hand with you. Ensuring that the nanomaterials we develop are designed to scale from grams in the lab to metric tons in our manufacturing facility is of the utmost priority.  Our manufacturing team has decades of experience ensuring the scalability of materials, working directly with our internal research and development teams.

Our manufacturing processes are repeatable, built around lean principles and are highly flexible when it comes to ensuring you meet your commercialization timelines and budget.

Top global industry companies have partnered with Cerion to drive their R&D programs and our process flexibility has made these partnerships run smoothly and successfully across all stages of product development. Cerion’s unprecedented ability to control a wide range of material attributes and accommodate customer specifications, allows us to develop specialty nanoparticles that support our industrial customers to introduce better-performing, higher-margin, differentiated solutions to the market.

Have a project you’d like to discuss? Whether you have proof of concept or need to establish proof of concept, we can help at any stage of development.