Looking to challenge the status quo and yourself in the process?

We’re calling on the change makers, the doers and the innovators to join our team.  We develop the nanomaterials that companies in industry leverage to disrupt markets and enable new, next generation products and systems — now and for the future. If you’re up for the challenge, we want to meet you!

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What we do…

The cost of developing in-house advanced expertise in nanomaterials is prohibitively expensive and time intensive, resulting in a significant barrier to entry for companies considering its adoption. Enter Cerion. We provide companies with access to this expertise through all phases of their product lifecycle including applied research, development, scale-up, commercialization, manufacturing and analytics. Our team stays focused on optimizing the custom designed nanomaterials to help our customers break down barriers and meet their unique challenges and goals.

Due to our unique and differentiated talent, skill sets, and process capabilities, we are the largest company in the United States for custom design, scale-up, and manufacturing of inorganic nanomaterials and serves as a trusted supplier to global industry.

Where we are…

Cerion was founded in Rochester, NY in 2007, but our history goes much farther back than that.

Over the course of 50 years, Rochester-based Eastman Kodak developed precipitation-based manufacturing processes for the creation of materials used in photographic film emulsions. Building on the work of Kodak, Cerion further invested in the research, development and engineering expertise uniquely available in the Rochester community to bring this competency far beyond the previous state of the art. Today, we’re still proud to call Rochester home to Cerion headquarters, labs, and manufacturing facilities. Long past the hay-day of Kodak, the city continues to thrive, accelerating its pace to becoming a top tech hub in America while the area boasts a fair cost of high-quality living.

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Why should you join our team?

There’s never been a more exciting time to join us! We’re growing and our entire team contributes to shaping the future of Cerion. We prioritize continuous improvement, supported through an action-oriented and collaborative process where every team member has a voice. Here, you have the opportunity to stand out and grow professionally, and the space to grow personally. We offer a highly competitive salary and benefits package that continues to evolve with the needs of our people.

Current Openings

If you don’t see a job available that fits your skill set feel free to email us your resume directly at: info@cerionnano.com and we’ll keep it on file for future job opportunities.

Since 2007, companies around the globe have relied on Cerion’s expertise for the custom development of metal, metal oxide and ceramic nanomaterials.