We can help.

At Cerion, we have the ability and the responsibility to use our unique capabilities to make the world a better place – across any sector and challenge.

Taking on the world’s toughest challenges goes beyond our business operations.  We are committed to driving local community impact through strategic investments and partnerships that address social welfare issues to create a more equitable and secure future for generations.

We connect with the communities where we live and work to provide the resources needed to help them thrive.  We support the following institutions in the greater Rochester, NY metro area – which reflect our culture, our values, and the way we do business.

  • Foodlink believes that the fight against hunger and the fight against poverty are one and the same.  Their mission is to leverage the power of food to end hunger and build healthier communities – distributing over $50M of food aid in 2022 across the greater Rochester, NY area.
    • They have pioneered a new model for mobile pantries focusing on rural communities.  Comprised of 285 pantries, they serve over 30 locations across Upstate New York.
    • Their Community Kitchen is a meal production initiative that serves 850,000+ lunches through 162 distribution sites.
  • The Education Success Foundation believes all children deserve access to quality education.
    • Their Encompass program is a premier provider of services for students and families, including afterschool and summer learning, school day intervention, college and career development, and family capacity building.  Encompass provides services to over 2,400 children annually.
    • Their Norman Howard School is a private special education school that provides children with learning disabilities the educational services they need to succeed.  The school services 100 children annually and has had a 99% graduation rate since 1984.
  • Mercy Flight is an independent, not-for-profit provider of emergency and non-emergency air and ground medical transport and supporting services – ensuring rapid, safe, and cost-effective delivery of expert response teams.  Since 1981, Mercy Flight has safely completed over 30,000 patient missions across Western NY.

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