Cerion recognizes that for nanomaterials to achieve meaningful commercial adoption, companies require access to rapid design of nanoparticles for application testing, precision control over technical attributes for optimal nanomaterial performance, robust scale-up processes, and cost-effective and reproducible manufacturing systems.

We understand that developing in-house advanced expertise in nanomaterials is expensive and time-intensive, but that shouldn’t stop companies from utilizing them to improve their products and create value for their customers. We provide the expertise and materials our customers require, while their teams stay focused on developing their products.

With over a decade of aggressive investment, we have the unique capabilities to support the full lifecycle needs of custom nanomaterial development for our customers – from nanoparticle design and scale-up to its manufacturing and characterization.  Our depth of experience in nanomaterial engineering along with our state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and best practices allow us to develop solutions to complex nanomaterial design challenges — where other nanomaterial companies fail to deliver.

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At the same time, our Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process ensures the nanomaterials made in the lab today can cost-effectively scale-up to manufacturing to meet our customer’s needs for commercialization tomorrow.

Due to the breadth of inorganic nanomaterials we work with, we have perfected this approach across a range of synthetic pathways based on our customer’s desired nanomaterial technical, cost and performance requirements. This ensures they get exactly what they need, when they need it and at the volumes required to support their commercial goals.

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Range of Materials
Deep experience working with various materials including metals, metal oxides and ceramics

Precision control over particle size, down to two nanometers

Best-in-class particle size distribution

Media Formats
Providing access to a variety of nanomaterial formats including dispersions, powders, pastes and wet-cakes

Particle Composition
Precise control over nanoparticle technical attributes such as size, surface charge, morphology, surface chemistry, as well as alloyed, doped and core / shell compositions

Leaders in creating stable and high concentration dispersions in aqueous, organic, polymer and proprietary customer fluids by exercising control over nanoparticle surface (i.e., surface charge, surface chemistry, etc.)

Robust Scale-Up Processes
Over a decade of routinely transitioning nanomaterials from the laboratory to manufacturing scale (1,000 – 10,000x)

State of the Art Manufacturing
Industry-leading, low capital intensity manufacturing systems that are designed for precision, repeatability and robustness

Manufacturing Methodology

Manufacturing Methodology
Manufacturing systems and processes built on Lean Six Sigma manufacturing and just-in-time principles

Tons, Not Grams
Industrial scale manufacturing environment with production capacities exceeding 150 metric tons on a dry-weight basis

You identify specific performance targets, and we’ll design exactly the right nanomaterial to meet your goals. Have a project you’d like to discuss?

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