Cerion’s manufacturing plant is an industrial-scale facility based at Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY. We have progressively expanded our production capacity from its original 5 metric tons per annum years ago, to over 150 metric tons per annum today. Both our process and our purpose center around ensuring we deliver on the quantity, quality, performance and price parameters required by our customers, along with their desired time to market.

Lean Manufacturing

Built and operated using Six Sigma and lean manufacturing principles, our facility has been designed to be both efficient and nimble with quality and scalability as our primary goals.


Cost-Effective Industrial Design

The design of our manufacturing processes exclusively leverage industrial scale chemical processing equipment and components readily available on the commercial market.  Supplementing this are specialty on-line and off-line systems engineered by Cerion to add process capabilities unique to our industry and our customer’s needs.

Today, Cerion boasts the lowest capital and energy intensity per metric ton of production capacity on the market when compared to its competitors and is well positioned to rapidly build new manufacturing lines as required by customer demand.


Our facility supports various levels of pilot production for nanomaterial prototyping and qualification, as well as, industrial scale manufacturing. The design of our system allows us to scale-up, scale-down and rapidly reset between manufacturing runs.


Quality and consistency during production is paramount. We start each manufacturing event with robust quality assurance requirements for our raw materials and continue with in-line and off-line quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Our process ends with a certificate of analysis for the finished material, which verifies material specifications known to demonstrate performance in our customer’s product.

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