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Cerion Solutions

A promotional flyer for Cerion Nanomaterials featuring three scientists in a lab with text 'WE GET IT.' Below is information about Cerion's services in custom design and manufacturing of nanomaterials, highlighting their expertise in Design, Scale-Up, and Manufacturing. It also includes a section titled 'Custom Nanoparticle Solutions for Your Product or System' and mentions their experience serving the Industry and Life Sciences sectors, with the website link:
General Overview
A detailed informational flyer for Cerion Nanomaterials, featuring sections on Custom Design & Manufacturing. It includes points on Customization, Rapid Innovation, and Product Integration, with an image of a scientist working in the lab. Text details the precision control of technical attributes of nanoparticles and the various nanomaterial formats offered, like dispersions and powders. The flyer emphasizes Cerion's commitment to Successful Integration of nanomaterials into customer products.
Services Overview: Design
An informative flyer by Cerion Nanomaterials about the 'Scale-Up' process for nanomaterials. It covers topics such as 'Designed to Scale,' 'Flexible,' and 'Prototype Production,' alongside an image of technicians in a laboratory. The flyer outlines the strategies for scaling production from grams in the lab to metric tons for manufacturing and highlights the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) principles that guide the transition of nanomaterials from concept to commercial scale. It also discusses preparing for scale-up and the transition to the manufacturing plant.
Services Overview: Scale-Up
A corporate flyer for Cerion Nanomaterials' Manufacturing services, with a photo of a man in a lab observing equipment. Sections titled 'Manufacturing Methodology,' 'Tons, Not Grams,' and 'State of the Art Manufacturing' detail the company's capabilities in industrial-scale production and lean manufacturing principles. It highlights their expanded production capacity, commitment to quality, and efficient scale-up processes for nanoparticle production, meeting quantity, quality, performance, and price needs for their customers.
Services Overview: Manufacturing
Cover of a brochure titled 'Nanomaterials for Industrial Applications' from Cerion Nanomaterials, featuring a scientist in a lab coat and safety glasses looking intently at a large industrial vat. The cover also states 'Custom Design & Manufacturing' and includes the tagline 'Enabling companies to leverage the full potential of nanomaterials to add performance, differentiation and value to their products.' with the website at the bottom.
Nanomaterials for Industrial Applications
Technical data sheet from Cerion Nanomaterials, highlighting 'Our Capabilities in Optimizing ZrO2 and TiO2 Nanomaterials for Your Product or System'. The sheet details specifications for ZrO2 and TiO2, including particle size, pH, refractive index, and compatible solvent systems. Images show microscopic views of the nanomaterials. The footer provides contact information for further inquiries with the name Chris Skipper and an email address.
Nanomaterials for Display
A promotional sheet by Cerion Nanomaterials with the headline 'Optimizing Nanomaterials for Your Product or System'. It outlines the company's experience in designing and scaling nanomaterials, followed by a Nanomaterial Property Reference Guide that lists various properties such as abrasion resistance, catalytic, and UV absorption, with corresponding nanomaterials like ceria, iron oxide, silica, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Electron microscopy images of nanoparticles are displayed at the top. Contact information is provided at the bottom.
Nanomaterials for Coatings
A document by Cerion Nanomaterials titled 'Inorganic Nanomaterials in Life Sciences Applications'. It discusses the role of nanomaterials in addressing complex problems in the life sciences industry and their application in medical and research needs. The document highlights how inorganic nanomaterials are suitable for life sciences applications, such as diagnostic testing, microscopy, and therapeutic areas. It features a photo of three professionals examining a document, symbolizing collaboration in a scientific or medical setting.
Nanomaterials in Life Sciences Applications

Videos, Webinars & Podcasts

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A screenshot of a video player paused on a news segment titled 'Cerion Nanomaterials thrives in Rochester' with 4 minutes left in the clip. The screen displays the GRE Greater Rochester Enterprise logo and the text 'WHY ROC', indicating a feature on Rochester. There's a timestamp indicating 'Tuesday, Feb 16' and a temperature reading of 3 degrees. The logo of WROC News 8 and a lottery icon are also visible in the corners of the screen.
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Corporate Video
Promotional graphic for a webinar titled 'Covid recovery: what can the nanotechnology industry do next?' featuring logos for The Advanced Materials Show and The Nanotechnology Show. It includes images and names of four speakers: James Baker, CEO of Graphene@Manchester; Dr. Claire Skentelbery, Director General of Nanotechnology Industries Association; Landon Mertz, CEO of Cerion Nanomaterials; and Dr. Selina Ambrose, Technical Manager of Promethean Particles. The background is a split design with a microscopic virus image on the left and a molecular structure on the right, symbolizing the theme of nanotechnology.
Covid recovery: What can the nanotechnology industry do next?
July 21, 2020
Ceramics Expo Webinar: Weathering the COVID-19 storm
May 26, 2020
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Nanomaterials Manufacturing During COVID-19 Disruption
April 3, 2020
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March 25, 2020
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January 24, 2019

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