How to overcome the technical challenges that researchers and developers face when bringing nanomaterial-enabled products to market

Presented By Cerion Nanomaterials’ EVP of Research, David Sandford, PhD, Senior Scientist, Andrew Zane, PhD, and EVP of Sales, Chris Skipper

About This Session

Product developers and researchers across every industry experience one main challenge when working with nanomaterials: successful product integration.

It is common knowledge that the unique properties of nanomaterials offer extraordinary potential in a number of applications. These are properties that virtually every industry is attempting to leverage to produce differentiated and high-performing products. So, why is it challenging for these industries to integrate nanomaterials into products and what steps can you take to increase your likelihood of success?

Cerion has heard these struggles first hand from the numerous companies we have spoken to and work with. Spanning 40+ industries, we’ve helped these companies successfully leverage nanomaterials and integrate them into their products or applications for differentiated performance.

In this session, Cerion’s EVP of Research, Dr. David Sandford, Senior Scientist, Dr. Andrew Zane, and EVP of Sales, Chris Skipper, discussed the technical and process related factors that you should consider.

Discussion Topics

  • Challenges: What are the biggest challenges researchers and product developers experience when incorporating nanomaterials into their products?
  • Finding the Right Approach: There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to nanomaterials. What is the best approach for your business and product – catalog or custom?
  • Ensuring Seamless Integration: What methods can be used to ensure nanomaterials easily integrate into products and are compatible with downstream processing conditions?
  • Dispersions: How can you ensure nanoparticles remain monodisperse and stable in a dispersion and why is it important for product integration?
  • Surface Chemistry: Why is the surface chemistry of a nanoparticle important for successful product integration and how can you control it?
  • Composition: When does nanoparticle composition become important and how can you leverage it to fine tune properties?
  • Particle Size: What methods can be used to control particle size for a specific use case and what sizing details are critical to understand?
  • Scale-Up and Manufacturing: What steps can be taken to improve the likelihood of manufacturing custom nanomaterials and commercialization requests?