In this video, Dr. David Sandford discusses how Cerion overcomes the complex challenges product developers experience when incorporating nanomaterials into their applications.

Developing nanomaterials tailormade for your product and process, with a clear path from applied research to commercialization

Dr. David Sandford, Executive Vice President of Research at Cerion Nanomaterials, is a 25+ year veteran of nanomaterial design, synthesis, and characterization – including oxides, metals, and halides in aqueous and non-aqueous solvent systems. Dr. Sandford has worked with customers in several different application spaces, in 40+ industries, to deliver nanoparticles that integrate with their system and achieve optimal performance.

Cerion has made significant investments in our capabilities to offer technical solutions that are broadly applicable across industries and applications. For example, our customers in the display space are most often interested in nanoparticles, like titanium dioxide and zirconium dioxide, that provide increased refractive index that they can then leverage in several different ways in their systems.

In this discussion, Dr. Sandford uses the display industry’s use case to illustrate how he and his team approach Design for Manufacturing (DFM) to overcome the challenge of formulating these nanoparticles for compatibility with customer systems so they can leverage the benefits of high refractive index without sacrificing other performance attributes.

Discussion Highlights

  • What are some of the nanomaterials that are of interest in the display space and why?
  • What are the optimal particle sizes of these types of nanomaterials?
  • What type of solvent systems do you typically work with?
  • When working with exotic solvent systems or a customer’s proprietary solvent system under an NDA how do you ensure the nanoparticles will remain mono-dispersed and stable in dispersion form?
  • Typically, how high of a concentration can you get with the titania and zirconia dispersions?
  • When a formulation is successfully developed, what is Cerion’s process for providing larger quantities of the material to the customer?

Finding the right expertise to develop nanomaterials that will meet your technical and business requirements can be challenging, Cerion provides companies with access to this expertise through all phases of their product lifecycle including applied research, development, scale-up, commercialization and manufacturing.

If you have questions about an upcoming project, we encourage you to contact our experts, like Dr. Sandford. He and his team have provided customers with successful formulations that have seamlessly moved into scale-up and manufacturing. Contact us to schedule a conversation about your needs and the best approach to meet your requirements.