Intellectual Property

For over a decade, we’ve been helping our customers successfully leverage nanomaterials to enhance their products and systems, ensure strategic differentiation and create new value for themselves and their customers. Check out our capabilities here.

At Cerion, we do not develop the final products or solutions sold to industry or consumers — that is not our expertise. As your partner, our role is to create nanomaterials that provide you with the desired performance, ensure we deliver on your commercialization timelines and give you access to a sustainable and cost-effective source of nanomaterial supply.

When it comes to intellectual property, any ‘composition of matter’ created from the work we do to support you is yours to file as patents or hold as trade secrets.


Ensuring the utmost confidentiality for our customers during the design, scale-up and manufacturing processes is paramount to us.  Cerion recognizes the importance of trust when working with our customers, and we typically enter into agreements to support the level of confidentiality you require.

We also take information security and confidentiality very seriously.  With Cerion as your partner you can rest assured that we have the right systems, personnel training and internal processes deployed to protect our customer’s information — just as if it were our own.

Inorganic Nanomaterials

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