Cerion Nanomaterials CEO, Landon Mertz, and other leaders in advanced materials discuss the current state of innovation and what current and future challenges industry will have to overcome to remain productive.

Presented at the 2022 Advanced Materials Show

How Have the Past Two Years Impacted the Direction of Innovation?

The materials industry has been in a period of disruption and uncertainty for the past two years due to significant changes in the global political, trade and economic climate. We’ve seen multiple mergers, increasing supply chain strain and a shifting of demand. As a result, material suppliers are facing new challenges as they try to keep pace with innovation.

So how can advanced materials suppliers and users successfully navigate these challenges?

The key is to remain agile and use the current global shifts in trade, supply chains, innovation and sustainability as an opportunity to refocus. With a global acceleration of technologies underway, how the industry manages several factors – including digitalization, sustainable design and manufacturing, increased efficiency, vertical integration and improved materials R&D – will define the role that advanced materials and ceramics will play in shaping society now and in the future.


  • Where is the greatest need for materials innovation in the ‘new normal’? How has it changed and will these changes be permanent?
  • Are the drivers for innovation changed at a fundamental level with the advance of sustainability and digitalization?
  • Are such huge transformations at an industry-wide scale possible and/ or necessary?
  • Where will the greatest needs come from in the next decade, and the biggest areas for growth in materials development?