In this presentation, Tracy Gay, EVP of Marketing at Cerion Nanomaterials discusses the fundamentals to a communication strategy, developing your messaging and content, engagement, planning for the future and of course, measuring success.

Crafting Technical Messaging with Integrity

There are several challenges nanomaterials organizations face when communicating complex topic areas, including during a crisis of mis- or dis- information. The narrative used to present research or technical information has the power to sensationalize the benign, falsely skewing public perception and negatively impacting the progress of innovation and business development.

The language of science is a precise one and your words are the connection between technology and people. It is critical to choose your words wisely, and remember who your audience is. Are you speaking to customers, academics, the media… and what is their background? All of these factors shape how your message will be received. The next question, is how do you simplify your message to be as clear and authoritative as possible, while ensuring the science, in all it’s complexities, is represented accurately?

Communicating Science


  • Strategy – have you answered the four key questions?
  • Messaging – have you identified the core topics areas that resonate with your audience?
  • Developing content – once you’ve identified key areas of interest to your audience or a relevant and/or timely topic, what’s next?
  • Engagement – How do you deliver your content to your audience?
  • Thinking Ahead – how do you plan for the unexpected?
  • Measuring Success – is your messaging hitting the key metrics?