In this video, Cerion CEO, Landon Mertz joins industry experts for an open discussion regarding shifting your supply chain framework for a post-pandemic world.

Presented at 2021 Ceramics Expo

Are you ready to adapt to a US-Centric supply chain?

Disruptions in industrial supply chains have emphasized US reliability on international suppliers. The ceramics industry is going to see a shift to a US-Centric supply chain in the post-pandemic world. Diversifying will require a variety changes to existing supply frameworks – but what does this look like?

Cerion Nanomaterials CEO Landon Mertz , Kyocera International, Inc. Vice President Mark A. Wolf, CoorsTek, Inc. Vice President of Global Supply Chain Chris Duchene, and BassTech International Senior Vice President Tom Scaria have an open discussion on how the ceramics industry can diversify supply for the post-pandemic world.

Discussion Topics

  • Addressing the necessity and advantages of diversifying supply
  • Weighing up the benefits over the potential increase to costs of diversifying supply
  • What infrastructure needs to be created to facilitate this transition? Both structural facilities and regulatory frameworks?
  • How could a more North American centric supply model affect business relationships with international suppliers?

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