In this webinar, panelists discuss how advanced ceramics can prevent damage to sensitive equipment, slow chemical, and environmental corrosion and in the process, not lose its functional shape due to high temperatures.

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Cerion CEO, Landon Mertz, leads a discussion with industry experts Dr. Adrian P. Tighe, Materials Engineer and Yuriy Butenko, Materials Engineer from the European Space Agency and Dr. Frank Meyer, Managing Director, CeraNovis GmbH regarding the benefits of using advanced ceramics in aerospace and other extreme environmental applications.

CeraNovis developed the white ceramic coating for the high gain antenna on ESA’s BepiColumbo, which is currently on its way to Mercury, and withstanding the test of time and strength under the protection of a specialized ceramic coating that is resistant to contamination and thermal cycling. Using examples from this project, and their extensive expertise, panelists share many eye-opening insights for developing materials for Space, that have real potential to translate to other applications here on the ground.


  • Ceramics in Space: Dr. Tighe gives a presentation on the space environment itself, how that influences materials like ceramics, and what you need consider to qualify materials for use in Space.
  • How ceramic coatings protect materials in the Space environment.
  • Ceramic nanomaterial properties, substrate, and application method used on the BepiColumbo project and key environmental factors that influenced the development strategy (i.e., thermal cycling, radiation, contamination).
  • The performance advantage of leveraging nanomaterials for this harsh environment use case, specifically.
  • Characterization of material performance – the main parameters you are looking for when testing for a harsh environment like space.
  • Characterization methods and what you are testing for when it comes to harsh environmental applications.
  • What are the real drivers of degradation in space and how severe of a problem is it?
  • Key considerations for material development to protect sensitive surfaces, whether it’s a chemical, physical, or radiation attack.
  • Analyzing mode of failure
  • What are the novel developments going on right now in space, specifically with materials?

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