Cerion Nanomaterials CEO and chair of the NIA Board of Directors, Landon Mertz, sat with NIA Director General, Chiara Venturini, to discuss several key points in the nanotechnology sector, including global use trends, economic outlook, and of course the role Cerion plays.

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Custom Nanomaterials for Next Generation Products

Cerion provides companies that are developing next generation products with advanced expertise in the design, scale-up and manufacturing of nanomaterials, to give them the differentiated performance and market advantage they need.

Most companies are designing nanomaterials to solve specific industrial challenges. While that’s not a bad thing, it’s not our focus. When you think about our relationship with our customers, we serve as the subject matter expert for nanomaterial development; the customer serves as the subject matter expert in their respective industries and products. We provide our customers with access to our nanomaterial expertise and support from applied research all the way through manufacturing; and importantly, we don’t develop products and never compete with our customers.

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Over the past 15 years, we have developed unique and proprietary processes and expanded our capabilities to support customers in 40+ industries. Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with the custom designed nanomaterials they require to create new product performance, get to market quickly and cost-effectively.


  • One synthetic method will never cover all types of material, volume, cost and performance requirements. Expanding our synthetic capabilities to include more specialized equipment has helped us provide exactly the right solution to meet even the most challenging of project requirements.
  • Integration of R&D into the manufacturing process – working from Day 1 in the lab to ensure that the materials we design today can be manufactured tomorrow, and most importantly that this is done cost-effectively.
  • Our chemical engineering team works closely with our researchers, to ensure, as a researcher is creating a synthetic approach or a formula in the lab, that it is going to fit within certain parameters which we know scale well in a manufacturing environment.
  • The scientific community will need to evolve in the coming years to address complex macro-challenges existing in several markets: energy, food, cities, human health, raw materials, water and air. For more on this topic see our Global Trends series.
  • From a macro-economics perspective, we can see growth of the global economy slowing, with current growth of perhaps 1% (excluding China), which will need to be factored into long term planning.

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