Innovations in the areas of medicine and medical technologies continue to improve the basic research, diagnosis, treatment, and ultimately, the quality of life for patients around the globe. As Life Sciences companies seek out even more effective and impactful technologies, this community has increasingly leveraged nanotechnology to improve the performance of medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

Nanomaterial Applications in Life Sciences

Nanomaterials present many unique advantages versus traditional technologies & methodologies when it comes to innovations in the Life Sciences industry.

Inorganic nanomaterials have been found to be successful in a wide range of applications and can provide many benefits. For example, the unique thermal, electrical, optical and magnetic properties of nanomaterials present ideal innovation opportunities for existing products and for new product development in imaging, diagnostic assays, biosensors and medical devices.

The use of inorganic nanomaterials in targeted drug delivery and therapeutic nanomedicine applications has expanded dramatically, due to the unique ability of the nanoparticles to cross physiological barriers and deliver drugs to target sites.

Additionally, there has been significant adoption in the use of antimicrobial nanomaterials for medical equipment, coatings, films and fabrics — they are biocompatible and effective against multidrug resistant microorganisms.

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Cerion has developed a variety of nanomaterials for customers in these Life Sciences product areas. Whether for in vitro diagnostic applications or in vivo applications requiring biocompatibility through stabilizers or polymers, our scientists will work with you to harness the transformational capabilities of nanomaterials in your product.

Inorganic nanomaterials used in Life Sciences applications



Devices, Implants & Coatings

Drug Delivery






Gadolinium oxide




Iron oxide












Nanomaterial Design, Scale-Up and Manufacturing for Life Sciences

For most companies, developing in-house advanced expertise in nanomaterials is expensive and time intensive – that is where Cerion comes in.  Cerion works as your partner, providing you with high quality custom nanomaterial expertise. From material design and product integration, through scale-up and manufacturing, we focus on providing you with the materials you need – so your team can focus on your product development.  At Cerion, we don’t develop end-use applications – only the nanomaterials to make them better.

Cerion provides you with more than a decade of experience working with customers in the Life Sciences industry to ensure nanomaterial compatibility into products or systems.

We understand that Intellectual Property (IP) plays an important role in how companies distinguish themselves in the marketplace and create that competitive advantage. When you work with Cerion, we employ a very straightforward approach to ensure your ownership of any new ‘composition of matter’ created from the work we do to support you is yours to claim and file patents against.

Exploiting the specific desired attributes of nanomaterials to optimize your product performance is our specialty. Our design, scale up, and manufacturing process all starts with you and your requirements.  Since off-the-shelf or commercial nanomaterials rarely provide the level of performance required without some customization, we work with you right from the start to ensure that you can meet your performance, timeline and commercialization goals.

We understand that the slightest modifications in nanomaterial size, composition, morphology or functionalization can greatly impact the success of the material in your system. These optimizations can be deal-breakers when it comes to performance, biocompatibility, purity and efficacy.

Cerion scientists have decades of experience working with a variety of inorganic nanomaterials, including biologically relevant nanomaterials, to develop highly specialized and thoughtfully designed materials.

Life Sciences organizations have turned to Cerion to produce biocompatible nanomaterials for applications including, bioassays, diagnostic imaging, antimicrobial coatings and drug delivery.

Partnering with Cerion to support your nanomaterial design programs create a number of efficiencies that can provide cost reductions and speed to market – helping you deliver a more robust and competitive commercial product.

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