One Size Does Not Fit All

In order to transition a material to the commercial marketplace, three core competencies are required. Do you have it all covered?

For decades, the nanomaterials industry has been plagued with bold statements around its disruptive nature, though only in the past decade has it begun to deliver on that promise. At a time when exciting new innovations using the unique properties of nanomaterials are entering into the market, new adopters must bear in mind the critical aspects of nanomaterials and the degree of customization required to ensure fitness of use, as well as the prerequisites for commercialization.

In this feature in Specialty Chemicals Magazine, Landon Mertz of Cerion Nanomaterials puts the case for nanomaterial customization, including:

  • Why nano?
  • Customization in the lab
  • Three Core competencies for Commercialization from the lab

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