Precisely Engineered Nanomaterials Developed Specifically for Your Product

When harnessing the unique attributes of nanomaterials to enhance your product is the goal, you need exactly the right material — thoughtfully designed for both performance and ease of integration into your product.

Just as your products are precisely engineered and fit for purpose – your nanomaterial should be too. Far too many of our customers come to us after trying to utilize “off the shelf” materials that did not meet their performance requirements or could not integrate into their product or system – losing valuable resources and time to market.

One size does not fit all when it comes to nanomaterials. Even the smallest change in particle design can have a measurable impact on performance or properties when materials are at the nano-scale. These changes can affect their fitness for purpose. Controlling nanoparticle size and other technical attributes is our specialty, ensuring you meet your performance and product integration requirements.

For more than 10 years, companies around the globe have relied on our expertise for the custom development of metal, metal oxide and ceramic nanomaterials to enhance the performance of their products or systems. Cerion’s customer-focused approach provides a dedicated team and full product lifecycle support for the design, scale-up and manufacturing process to ensure your success. Our team of experts work to understand your specific application, processing conditions and desired end-state of the nanoparticle to design a custom-tailored solution that will seamlessly integrate into your product.

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