Precisely Engineering Nanomaterials For Exact Fitness With Your Product Goals

When harnessing the unique attributes of nanomaterials to enhance your product is the goal, you need exactly the right material — thoughtfully designed for both performance and ease of integration into your product.

Just as your products are precisely engineered and fit for purpose – your nanomaterial should be too. The benefits of nanomaterials are in the unique behaviors they exhibit at nanoscale. How these are leveraged in a product can add significant performance benefits. However, as with all advanced materials, to bring a nano-enabled product to market one must consider the product development roadmap from beginning to end – planning today for successful commercialization tomorrow.

An often-overlooked aspect of working with nanomaterials is that one size does not fit all. Off-the-shelf materials are rarely a ready-made solution to achieve specific research goals. The design of a nanomaterial can radically alter its behavior, and small changes (no pun intended) can have an outsized influence on its performance. These changes can affect their fitness for purpose.

What new or added performance are you seeking for your product or system?

To get started, you can download Cerion’s Nanomaterial Property Reference Guide to evaluate the potential of several inorganic nanomaterials across metal, metal, ceramics (i.e., Silica, Silver, Zinc Oxide, etc.) and their behaviors.

It is key to note that a nanomaterial’s size, size distribution, mono-dispersity, morphology and surface functionalization can directly affect performance if it is not designed to fit the application. Once identifying the behavior you desire and potential material(s) of best fit, the next step is to evaluate the technical and cost implications as they relate to your specific application, especially if you plan to eventually integrate nanomaterials into your product / system at an industrial scale.

Download Nanomaterial Property Reference Guide
Preview of Nanomaterial Property Reference Guide