Mr. Singer is part of the original group that founded Cerion in 2007 and is currently Executive Vice President in charge of Manufacturing with responsibility for chemical plant operations, new product scale-up, and capital programs. Prior to Cerion, Mr. Singer spent 16 years at Eastman Kodak as an R&D/Manufacturing project manager in imaging nanoparticle production, attaining certification as a Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Black Belt Practitioner. He has managed startups and accreditation of chemical manufacturing operations on-site at Kodak plants in the USA, Canada, England, and China. In addition, he has led million-dollar cost reduction programs, new equipment design projects across eight countries, and new product commercialization efforts. As part of his product-process research, Mr. Singer has received three U.S. Patents in chemical process technology. Mr. Singer is a graduate of Lehigh University (highest honors, Phi Beta Kappa) with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

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