Everyone is adapting to new business conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic – Cerion Nanomaterials is no exception.

We continue to operate as an essential business under strict safety conditions to support the critical nanomaterial design needs of our customers in the labs, while also manufacturing nanomaterials to ensure their supply chains remain uninterrupted.

We’re especially proud to be doing our part to support the global community in the fight against COVID-19. Cerion has manufactured and shipped silver-based particles worldwide to treat hundreds of millions of square feet of textiles for critical PPE — keeping both healthcare workers and their patients safe.

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In addition, we’re continuing to work with customers whose own internal product development & commercialization efforts have been disrupted or put on pause by the pandemic. Our nanomaterial design, scale-up and manufacturing teams are working with customers daily to ensure they have a plan in place now that provides a seamless “roadmap” to restart their programs when the time is right.

From the onset, Cerion has been very proactive in its response to COVID-19 and its approach to moving forward.   During this period and as we now move past the pause we have focused on:

  • Employee safety
  • Safely maintaining essential nanomaterial manufacturing operations
  • Closely monitoring the local, national and international COVID landscape
  • Continuing regular communication with our customers as we forward their research and manufacturing projects

Cerion was pleased to be invited to present our response in recent webinars pertaining to nanomaterial operations during the COVID-19 disruption. In collaboration with the Nanotechnology Industries Association Cerion Nanomaterials’ CEO, Landon Mertz, presented how we have approached safely sustaining essential R&D and manufacturing operations during the COVID-19 outbreak. More recently he participated in a panel discussion hosted by the Ceramics Expo. Click the links below to view these events.

Webinar: Nanomaterials manufacture during COVID-19 disruption

In collaboration with the Nanotechnology Industries Association (April 3, 2020)

COVID-19 has changed the way that businesses and the world are operating and looking towards the future. Questions like: “How do I adapt to this rapidly-changing environment?” and “How do I plan for when the economy returns?” are top of mind for us all right now.

Join us to discuss the practical steps you can take to get your business through these challenging times, no matter what phase of the outbreak curve you are experiencing. The discussion will include an analysis of the current outbreak projections, some key triggers you should keep in mind when planning your strategy, along with how to keep employees safe that are still working (in the lab, manufacturing or business operations) — as well as, developing a plan for when everyone returns to work.

Please complete the form on the right to download the webinar presentation, which includes additional information not covered in the live webinar.

Video credit: Nanotechnology Industries Association (http://nanotechia.org/)

Webinar: Weathering the COVID-19 storm

In collaboration with the Ceramics Expo (May 26, 2020)

How are production lines being adapted to serve essential businesses? What are the challenges in starting manufacturing up again? With the new reality the world is forced to adjust to, these are important questions to consider as we all plan to bounce back and resume normal operations following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join Cerion CEO, Landon Mertz, along with other industry experts as we shed light on the impact COVID-19 is having on the advanced ceramics and glass supply chain. This webinar features an engaging and informative dialogue amongst industry leaders around how we have been impacted by COVID-19 as well as how to pave a path forward. Click here to view the webinar.