Rochester, NY– (May 24, 2019) – Cerion, an industry leader in the science of designing, scaling and manufacturing metal, metal oxide and ceramic nanomaterials, will head to Boston June 17 – 19 for Nanotech 2019, which is dubbed the world’s largest nanotechnology event for application-focused research from top international academic, government and private industry labs. Cerion will join thousands of researchers, scientists, engineers and technology developers to exhibit its capabilities in designing, scaling and manufacturing inorganic nanomaterials for industrial and defense customers that utilize its services across the spectrum of product development including nanoparticle design research and manufacturing for in-market products.

As a state-of-the-art company in the nanotechnology community, Cerion recently invested $1.5 million in analytics equipment to bring routine nanomaterial characterization in-house and continues to expand upon its interdisciplinary team of materials scientists and engineers. These capabilities accelerate the speed of nanomaterial design and scale-up and reduce the total cost related to creating next generation nanomaterials. This equipment investment also puts Cerion in a stand-alone position of having one of the most sophisticated dedicated analytics facilities for nanoscale materials.

Those interested in discussing Cerion’s capabilities at Nanotech 2019 are encouraged to visit booth # 222.

About Cerion Nanomaterials

Established in 2007, Cerion is an industry leader in the science of designing, scaling and manufacturing of metal, metal oxide and ceramic nanomaterials.

The cost of developing advanced expertise in nanomaterials is prohibitively expensive and time intensive, resulting in a significant barrier to entry for companies considering the use of nanotechnology. To address this, Cerion has pioneered a business model of rapid and cost-effective research, development, scale-up and manufacturing of nanomaterials as a service.  The firm’s customers are multi-national, large-cap industrial companies and the domestic defense market.  Typical customers who work with Cerion are developing either new products or systems intended to leverage the overmatched performance benefits nanomaterials can provide.

Cerion’s position in the market is enabled by three strategic competitive advantages: a deep and demonstrated capability in a.) the precision design and customization of both nanomaterial size and non-size attributes, b.) effective processes to scale from the lab to prototype and industrial-rate manufacturing, and c.) industry leading, cost-effective manufacturing systems and production capacities.