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We hope to see you at The Nanotechnology Show this October. The exhibition will provide a comprehensive showcase of the entire supply chain from instrumentation and processing equipment right through to material manufacturers and product developers.

Stop by our exhibit to find out more about our custom nanomaterial design, scale-up and manufacturing processes, discuss your technical and economic goals, project requirements, or simply to say hello – we can’t wait to see you at the show!

We’re Speaking! Attend one of our sessions.

Featuring Landon Mertz, Cerion CEO
October 13 | 11:45 AM – 1:10 PM EST

This session will outline both the opportunities and barriers for nanotechnology and nanomaterial uptake, with leaders discussing industry-wide challenges in investment, costs, manufacturing capabilities, complexity, sustainability, and application.

Key topics:

  • Which factors are key to widespread uptake of nanotechnology and materials and how close are we to achieving them?
  • Is the regulatory outlook positive? If not, how can this be changed to encourage innovation and growth?
  • The commercialization challenges are well documented for nanotechnology; but at an industry level, what can be done to overcome them?
  • Innovation is key to a material’s success but is industrialization being considered enough at the early design stages? Does the industry as a whole need to change processes to ensure commercial success?
Featuring Doug Singer, Cerion VP of Manufacturing
October 14 | 9:35 AM – 10:50 AM EST

Whether taking a top down or bottom-up approach, the challenges of producing and scaling a nanomaterial or nanotechnology brings both really exciting potential and numerous challenges, with cost and consistency sitting at the top of this tree. So how can businesses of all sizes look to design and manufacture at the nanoscale and what are the considerations that underpin successful scale up?

Key topics:

  • How can manufacturers develop a blueprint for nano manufacturing set up that can be repeated?
  • What are the biggest challenges preventing businesses from breaking ground in nano manufacturing and how can they be overcome?
  • Could using existing infrastructure hold some of the answers to expediting manufacturing and reducing cost?
  • What can materials designers do to improve the manufacturability of their products earlier?
Featuring Dr. Katrin Parsiegla, Cerion Director of Quality Control
October 14 | 1:20 PM – 2:35 PM EST

To further innovation, researchers want to deepen their understanding of materials properties (morphological, structural, magnetic, thermal, and mechanical) from the macro- to nanoscale. Mastering challenges, like characterizing a material to ensure consistent performance throughout development or best utilizing expensive analytical equipment – could guarantee materials standards and potentially increase consumer trust in a material.

Key topics:

  • Do traditional materials characterization techniques translate to the nanoscale?
  • What are the latest developments in characterization software?
  • Unique nanoparticle size characterization technology
  • Has characterization proved that nanopowders don’t really exist?
  • Which techniques, software programs and machines are best suited to the nanoscale?
  • Can you ensure that particles are dispersed properly through characterization?

Considering nanomaterials?

Leveraging the unique behaviors of nanomaterials in your product can add significant performance benefits, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Are you new to nanomaterials, or have tried to incorporate them in the past with limited success? We get it and we can help. With proper planning you can realize the potential of your product through advanced materials. Don’t start your next project with an information disadvantage – ask our team of seasoned technical experts for assistance.

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About The Nanotechnology Show – Live and Free to Attend!

The Nanotechnology Show, co-located with the Advanced Materials Show USA, is the first industry focused exhibition and conference covering the development and integration of nanotechnology within a range of applications including chemicals, life sciences, pharmaceutical, energy, electronics, automotive and aerospace.

Event Details:
October 13 – 14, 2021
New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center (NJCEC)
Edison, New Jersey, USA

For full conference details and to register, visit:


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