Application Spotlight: Nanocatalysts

Design and Develop

Cerion has been hired by many of the leading catalyst, energy and specialty chemical companies in the world to design and develop novel nanocatalysts that, through controlled precipitation-based synthetic processes, are both cost-effective and scalable. Most often, our customers are facing one of the following challenges:

  • • A customer has modeled out a unique catalyst material and is looking for a company to synthesize it for initial evaluation
  • • Having developed a novel nanoparticle with an academic partner, a resource is needed to optimize and scale-up the material for evaluation in a pilot environment
  • • To accelerate R&D, a company approaches Cerion to create multiple variations of nanoparticles to support high-throughput testing
  • • A customer is looking to improve the performance of a catalyst by incorporating one more additional metals or metal oxides into a primary particle

Material Inquiries

To discuss how our specialized approach to particle design and scale-up can support your most critical research and development requirements, please complete this form and a Cerion representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Partial list of custom metals and oxides developed by Cerion for catalyst products

Based on your needs, Cerion can:


  • • Consistently create and engineer custom metal, metal oxide and mixed-metal nanoparticles
  • • Disperse particles in water for ease of application
  • • Design specific compositions of up to four oxides
  • • Dope nanoparticles at various levels (0.25%-15%)
  • • Create custom homogenous alloys
  • • Optimize morphology, size, composition and stability of particles


  • • Collaborate on deposition of particles onto a support
  • • Work with customers to prevent or limit sintering of particles at elevated temperatures
  • • Scale-up materials from 1,000 – 5,000x lab quantities in 6 months or less

Examples of Nanoparticles Developed for Catalyst Applications

Cerion’s 6nm Pd-Ag homogenous alloy imaged at 800,000X by HRTEM. The 0.233nm lattice spacing is midway between that of pure Pd and Ag, indicating a true alloy.

Cerion’s cobalt oxide nanoparticles

Cerion’s silver nanoparticles

Cerion’s ceria nanoparticles

Cerion’s pre-formed ultra-small Ceria dispersions deposited on a zeolite support versus commercially available nanoparticles agglomerated on the same support.

To inquire about custom material R&D

Contact Chris Skipper, Director of Business Development, at (585) 329-7535 or