Manufacturing Capabilities

Cerion’s Nanoparticle Manufacturing Process at a Glance

• 150 Metric Ton Capacity
• Successful Scale-ups of 1,000 – 5,000X from lab development
• Extremely Flexible, Modular, Lean layout
• Rapidly adaptable to bring new processes / products on-line
• Pilot and Full Scale Production lines
• Each staff member has 15+ years of advanced materials manufacturing experience

Our Manufacturing Team

Our manufacturing team is led by Douglas Singer, Cerion’s Executive Vice President of Manufacturing. Mr. Singer has overseen the design, construction, accreditation and process improvements of industrial plants in Canada, England, China, and the U.S. during his 16-year career at Kodak and has been awarded three patents for precipitation-based nanomanufacturing processes. Doug’s team is comprised of senior engineers and chemical technicians, also from Kodak, who have established themselves as the global leaders in advanced materials manufacturing.


While the materials we produce are wide-ranging, our manufacturing processes are centered around a robust plant design that supports a variety of product families through Lean Manufacturing principles. Additionally, Cerion employs a “Design for Manufacture” methodology, where our development team works side-by-side with our scientists during all phases of research ensuring near 100% translation from the lab to the manufacturing plant.

Cerion can manufacture many of the world’s most complex and challenging inorganic materials.

To learn more about our scale-up and manufacturing processes or to request a proposal, please complete the form and you will be contacted directly by a member of our team within 24 hours.

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