Cerion Nanomaterials and the Display Industry

Cerion supports display researchers and developers by providing advanced expertise in the designing, scaling and manufacturing of inorganic and ceramic nanomaterials.

Our expertise is designing solutions that are compatible with our customers’ products and processes, which for the display industry often means optimizing the nanomaterial, including:

  • Particle Size
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Surface Charge
  • Surface Functionalization
  • Solvent System

Interested in using nanomaterials for an upcoming project?

Despite their multiple diverse properties and many potential uses, companies often find it challenging to successfully incorporate nanomaterials into their products and systems for several reasons. To evaluate if leveraging nanomaterials in your products or systems is viable for your use case, please schedule time with our Executive VP of Sales, Chris Skipper, to discuss your technical and economic requirements in confidence.

For a more detailed summary of the commonly utilized nanomaterials for displays and how Cerion is helping this industry, complete the form to download our overview.