Custom Material Research and Development

Cerion's Capabilities

Our process of creating novel, high-performance nanomaterials for industry is fast and flexible, taking advantage of decades of experience developing and manufacturing products for Kodak.

Custom R&D Process for Industry

  • 1. You complete Product Development Questionnaire which serves as the underpinnings of the technical brief for our R&D team.
  • 2. In as little as 8-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the material, we send you multiple sample candidates for evaluation.
  • 3. Based on your feedback, we optimize the material for improved performance and compatibility in your system. This may include altering the particle size, functionalizing the surface or doping with additional materials.
  • 4. You evaluate the second iteration and continue to provide feedback for further optimization by Cerion.
  • 5. Once a material achieves your performance goals, we begin scale-up of the material and provide pilot scale volumes to you for application/field testing. Pilot scale volumes usually are between 5 - 250kg of materials dependent on application.
  • 6. Upon successful application/field testing, we can further optimize the material and synthesis process. We will then scale up to commercial volumes usually between 1-100 tons of materials. In some cases, we have developed a novel nanoparticle in our labs and scaled it up to ton volumes in less than 6 months.

Development Process

Understand Material Specs


Optimize Particles

Ensure Cost Effectiveness