Access the Expertise You Require to Develop Inorganic Nanomaterials for Your Products or Systems

Despite their multiple diverse properties and many potential uses, companies often find it challenging to design, scale-up and manufacture nanomaterials for their products and systems.

Utilizing nanomaterials to improve or enhance products at commercial volumes is a complex proposition. At Cerion, we recognize how challenging it is to develop nanomaterials that meets your product commercialization requirements and then ensure they maintain their custom properties when scaling-up from applied research to manufacturing.

Our experts have over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing custom nanomaterials for optimal performance and ease of integration for customers across the globe in 40+ different industries (and counting!). If you have an upcoming project, our team can provide advanced expertise in several key areas including, but not limited to:

  • Custom design, scale-up, and manufacturing of nanomaterials.
  • Inorganic nanomaterials including metals, metal oxides, and ceramics — providing access to the right material and properties to meet your specific product requirements
  • Precise engineering of nanomaterial attributes like particle size, particle size distribution, morphology, surface charge, purity and more
  • Complex nanoparticle design such as surface functionalization, alloyed nanoparticles, doping, coreshell nanoparticles and more
  • Multiple nanomaterial formats (i.e., dispersions, powders, pastes, re-dispersible “wet-cakes”)
  • Nanomaterial characterization expertise and in-house analytical labs for quick and reliable material accreditation and analysis
  • Multiple nanoparticle synthetic routes (including precipitation, hydrothermal, solvothermal, thermal reduction and high-energy milling to ensure the optimal outcome for our customers
  • Phased project process to ensure nanomaterial economics (such as financial impacts of chemical yield, volumetric yield, takt time, energy inputs) to achieve business requirements
  • Over a decade of in-house manufacturing expertise and process flexibility that ensures quality, and surety of supply going forward