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Q1 2019

Thanks for reading Cerion’s 2019 Q1 Newsletter. We have had a great start to the New Year, and we are happy to share the following company updates.

Cerion Presents Webinar on the Commercialization of Nanomaterials

Cerion Commercialisation of NanomaterialsCerion CEO Landon Mertz presented at the Nanotechnology Industries Association’s (NIA) first in business webinar titled, “Nano in Business: Commercialisation of Nanomaterials.” During this webinar, Mertz introduces Cerion, presents key business and technical considerations that must be addressed in order to successfully commercialize high-performing metal, metal oxide and ceramic nanomaterials, and discusses areas of current and future commercial developments. A recording of the webinar can be viewed here.

Cerion Invests $1.5 million in Analytics Equipment; Becomes Dedicated Analytics Facility for Nanoscale Materials

Cerion Advanced Materials has invested $1.5 million in analytical equipment to bring routine characterization of metal, metal oxide, and ceramic nanomaterials in-house.  Additional investments have been made for dedicated facilities and personnel.  This new analytics lab, in conjunction with the company’s interdisciplinary team of materials scientists and engineers, makes Cerion one of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art companies within the nanotechnology community. For more information, click here.

Cerion Announces Executive Management Promotions

Cerion, a leader in nanomaterial design and manufacturing, promotes Bill Stewart to COO and Chris Skipper to VP of Commercial Sales to support continued growth. As Chief Operating Officer, Bill Stewart is responsible for the company’s continued operational expansion and to ensure excellence in the delivery of customer’s nanomaterial design, scale-up and manufacturing programs. As Vice President of Commercial Sales, Chris Skipper oversees sales and provides technical consultation for companies seeking to access Cerion’s advanced expertise in nanomaterial research, development, scale-up and industrial manufacturing for their product or system. For more information, click here.

Cerion Publishes Additional Reports on Trends in Nanomaterials

Nano-sized materials are continuing to demonstrate improved performance in several industries when incorporated into products, including Photocatalysts and Anti-fingerprint Coatings. Cerion has authored reports discussing the challenges of these industries and how the incorporation of nano-sized materials is enabling these hurdles to be overcome. These reports can be downloaded for free here.

Upcoming Conferences and Trade Shows

5/13/19 – 5/16/19 Display Week – San Jose, CA

6/17/19 – 6/19/19 Nanotech Connect – Boston, MA

6/26/19 – 6/27/19 Chemspec – Basel, Switzerland

7/1/19 – 7/4/2019 NanoKorea – Seoul, South Korea

7/10/19 – 7/12/19 Advanced Materials Show – Telford, UK

If you or your colleagues will be attending any of these conferences and are interested in scheduling an introduction or meeting with Cerion, please contact Chris Skipper at chris.skipper@cerionam.com.

For more information about Cerion Advanced Materials, visit our website at www.cerionadvancedmaterials.com  or contact Chris Skipper at chris.skipper@cerionam.com

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