Cerion Advanced Materials today announced a flexible, cost-effective synthesis process that yields uniform, high-purity ceria nanoparticle dispersions ideally suited for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries and other precision polishing applications.

“There is no denying that devices are getting smaller and more sophisticated,” said Matt Winslow, COO, Cerion Advanced Materials, “This requires an increasingly complex manufacturing process for both logic and memory devices. Abrasives are playing a much more important role in ensuring better polishing performance.”

Cerion has extensive experience developing, scaling and manufacturing ultra-small ceria nanoparticles having commercialized and sold several
Before Cerion develops new materials targeting a specific application, team members engage the market to ascertain where the opportunities exist. The CMP industry was quick to respond with its desire to use more ceria in polishing slurries because of its high removal rate and compatibility with other additives. However, the vast majority of current ceria nanoparticles on the market are not cost-effective or the suppliers are not able to tune them for maximum performance in slurry formulations.

Continued Winslow, “Our process allows us to manipulate a number of product attributes for each individual customer including pH, particle size and aggregate size. It also happens to be eminently scalable and very cost-effective.”

Cerion also offers the ability to:

  • Work with clients to control Large Particle Counts (LPCs) in the final formulation
  • Ensure long-term stability of its dispersions
  • Surface functionalize and / or dope the ceria with other materials including lanthanum
  • Scale any number of customized dispersions to ton volumes in less than six months

About Cerion Advanced Materials
Cerion is the leading global developer and manufacturer of customized, high-performance nanoparticles for industry and the U.S. Department of Defense. We are focused on the development of first mover and product enabling technologies for our partners primarily in the coatings/thin films, catalyst, therapeutic, printed electronics, antimicrobial and additive industries.
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