The increasing number of multi-national companies who are leveraging nanomaterials in their products and the expansion of Cerion’s internal capabilities are key drivers for the new additions.
Rochester, NY – Today Cerion announced the hiring of George Keith, George Gorski and Andrew Zane. These new team members join the company following its continued acquisition of research, development and manufacturing projects to create next generation nanomaterials for industry. Like a majority of Cerion’s engagements, this work supports companies seeking to harness the power of nanomaterials in their products across a cross section of industries including specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals and the military.

Left to Right: New Cerion Team Members George Keith (Senior Scientist), George Gorski (Controller) and Andrew Zane (Senior Scientist)

George Keith joins as a senior scientist in charge of expanding Cerion’s ceramic nanoparticle capabilities. He is currently serving as Cerion’s principal investigator on a Department of Defense program to develop and scale-up tungsten carbide nanomaterials to be used in small caliber ammunition. George previously worked for Melior Innovations in Houston, Texas where he was responsible for leading the design and scale-up of ceramic nanomaterials used by the oil & gas industry. George holds a M.S. in Ceramic Engineering and a B.S. in Glass Engineering from the world-renowned ceramic engineering program at Alfred University.

George Gorski has joined Cerion as its Controller. Previously, George managed accounting and tax for the RF Tactical and Public Safety & Professional Communications business units at Harris Corporation. Prior to Harris, George was responsible for accounting, tax and audit in various roles at Hewlett Packard, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Bausch & Lomb and Kodak. George holds a M.B.A. in Finance and a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Maryland.

Andrew Zane joins Cerion’s research & development team as a senior scientist. Andrew will be developing uniquely tailored nanoparticles for Cerion’s industrial clients. Since 2014, Andrew has worked in military medicine, serving as the nanomaterials subject matter expert within a 200-person operation at the Naval Research Medical Unit in San Antonio, Texas. Andrew holds a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Ohio State University, and received his B.S. in Chemistry from Wright State University.

Cerion’s Chief Executive Officer, Landon Mertz, states, “Industry continues to place an increasing importance on the use of nanomaterials. Driven by our unique ability to overcome particle design challenges and cost effectively scale nanomaterials to industrial manufacturing volumes, Cerion has positioned itself as the leading performance nanoparticle solution provider for industry. The many hires we’ve made this year, including these new team members, represents Cerion’s continued commitment to ensuring our customers can create next generation products that disrupt existing markets or create new business opportunities.”

Matt Winslow, Cerion’s Chief Operating Officer adds, “Due to continued commoditization over the last decade, many industrial companies have been experiencing slower growth and increasingly smaller margins. Increasingly, companies are realizing that they need to look outside of their organizations for innovation. Cerion continues to prove that we can save our customer’s time and money by rapidly developing and scaling nanomaterials for their performance products. These new team members will help us to continue to provide un-matched technical solutions to our customer’s challenges.”

Cerion is a leading custom developer and industrial scale manufacturer of high-performance nanoparticles used by industry. We are focused on the development of first mover and product enabling technologies for our industry partners primarily in the coatings/thin films, catalyst, therapeutic, printed electronics, antimicrobial and additive industries. For more information visit