Cerion is pleased to announce a major breakthrough in the development of novel, high concentration silver dispersions. Our R&D team has recently developed <10nm uniform silver metal dispersions in both water and terpineol at up to 50% concentrations that are stable and non-agglommerated. Responding to industry demand for scalable, better-performing silver nanoparticle actives for next generation conductive inks, coatings and pastes, catalysts and antimicrobials, Cerion is in the early stages of optimizing the dispersions for maximum performance and working with formulation partners to develop model products for industry evaluation.

Landon Mertz, CEO of Cerion, explains, “Based on our R&D and Manufacturing team’s experience at Kodak, we consider ourselves the world’s foremost experts in silver so it made sense to tackle this challenge after being approached by several multi-national companies who were searching for higher quality, cost effective silver nanoparticles for various products. After our market analysis we found that no other company could manufacture stable <10nm high concentration dispersions at true industrial scale (tons). Upon further analysis, we’ve discovered that our dispersions are not only eminently scalable but will be price competitive to any silver products on the market today.”

If you have interest in learning more about this breakthrough material please contact Matt Winslow, Executive Vice President, Business Development at or 585.271.5630 ext. 119