Senior Scientist
Dr. Cowdery-Corvan received a BS in Chemistry from the University of Vermont in 1971 and a Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the State University of New York-Albany in 1976. He then spent three years as a postdoctoral research associate at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill fabricating highly conductive-layered materials. Following this academic stint, he joined the Eastman Kodak research labs and worked for several years on electro photographic projects. During this period he developed and scaled up the manufacturing process for a novel hard magnetic, strontium ferrite carrier material used in several Kodak copiers. Next, Dr. Cowdery-Corvan spent three years working on a project sponsored by a 2M$ DARPA grant to scale-up the production of YBCO (yittrium barium copper oxide) superconductor powder. This fascinating oxide material was prepared by a novel co-precipitation process followed by a delicate sintering/oxidation step. For the next twelve years, he served as a research associate in the Health Imaging Systems Division at Kodak as a technical lead on several photothermographic film projects. For the past four years, he has designed and optimized the scale-up of 4 nm diameter silver nano particles for use in RFID applications and bus lines in electronic devices, and most recently, the fabrication of zinc oxide based thin film transistors and metal doped, transparent oxide conductors. Dr. Cowdery-Corvan is the co-inventor on over twenty issued and pending US patents.