Director, Technology Transfer
Dr. Parsiegla received a MS degree in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering from the Technical University Berlin (Germany) in 1990 and a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University in 1997. She joined Eastman Kodak Co. that same year as a Senior Research Engineer. During her career at Kodak, Dr. Parsiegla was involved in the scale-up of crystallization processes, the development of surface functionalized nanoparticles, and was a founding member of Kodak Security Solutions business. Dr. Parsiegla brings to Cerion Enterprises over 15 years of experience in crystallization technology including experience in product/process development and business start up. Dr. Parsiegla received two US patents, one for a scaleable precipitation reactor and one for photosensitive semiconductor nano-particles. She is the author/co-author of seven scientific publications in the field of crystallization.