Nanotech firm hands the reigns to out-of-town executives to elevate business onto the global stage.

Cerion, one of the global leaders in the nanotechnology industry, announced that effective immediately the Board of Directors has unanimously appointed Landon Mertz as Chief Executive Officer.  Mr. Mertz served most recently as the Company’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, and continues to serve on Cerion’s Board of Directors and as Chief Financial Officer, a role he has held for six years.  Before Cerion, Mertz was based in New York City and led companies in the consumer entertainment and large-scale corporate event production industries.

“Landon brings to Cerion a proven record of building businesses and he continues to drive our innovation and growth on a daily basis,” said Richard Sands, Chairman of the Cerion Board.  “His understanding of nanotechnology, combined with his team building and operational capabilities, provides the energy, focus and momentum necessary to grow the core business and deliver value for our shareholders.”

Additionally, Rochester native Matt Winslow, after a decade-long stint leading high-profile start-ups and early stage businesses in Los Angeles, will head up Cerion’s strategic business expansion, focusing on development and manufacturing collaborations with global chemical, catalyst and energy companies.

Together, Mertz and Winslow bring proven success to Rochester where they have combined their experience with a transformational technology that has deep local roots.  In addition to their appointments, two veterans of Kodak round out the executive management team at Cerion.  Carl Testa was elevated to Executive Vice President, Research, Development & Commercialization and Douglas Singer to Executive Vice President, Manufacturing.  Comprised of additional ex-Kodak employees, Cerion’s research, development and manufacturing teams under Testa and Singer have a unique expertise in creating and manufacturing the smallest, most technically differentiated nanoparticles in the world. This expertise was originally developed for use in photographic film emulsions at Kodak, and expanded with significant investment from Cerion.  Today, Cerion’s expertise is being applied to a wide range of products including catalysts, antimicrobials, coatings and additives.

Sands believes this combination will be a recipe for success, “In a short time, Landon and Matt have demonstrated their ability to develop successful partnerships with global companies.  The product development and high-volume manufacturing deals they are putting together are not only very exciting for the company and our shareholders but for the Rochester region as a whole.”

“I am honored to continue my leadership role at Cerion,” said Mertz.  “It’s a very exciting time for our company. We have deep intellectual assets, tremendous talent and an unmatched expertise in rapid innovation and execution.  The nanotechnology revolution that has been talked about by the industry for years failed to deliver due to significant technical and manufacturing challenges.  Since we’ve made our unique expertise available to the market, we’ve effectively demonstrated that high volume production of ultra-small, high-performance nanomaterials is indeed just what the industrial markets were looking for.  ”

Winslow adds, “Since the expansion of our business strategy we’ve been responding to a dramatic increase in demand for our technology from the market.  Industry from all around the globe have discovered our un-matched ability to create high-performance nanomaterials, and the demand has been palpable given our ability to manufacture at a never seen before industrial scale.   ”

Mertz concludes, “We’re confident that Cerion will be one of the next wave of companies that puts Rochester back on the global map as the epicenter of material science and manufacturing innovation.”

About Cerion
Founded by a group of veteran scientists and manufacturing engineers from Kodak, Cerion is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance nanomaterials. The company is focused on the identification, creation and monetization of first mover and product enabling technologies for industry partners in the catalyst, coating, additive and antimicrobial industries.  For more information visit

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